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Together Hands- Image Bearers Sticker
Together Hands- Image Bearers Sticker

Together Hands- Image Bearers Sticker

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The story behind this sticker is long and complicated, yet so simple and necessary. If you want to read it keep going. If not, that's okay too.

Thick, durable vinyl protects your stickers from scratches, water & sunlight. Stickers are 3" round and holographic.

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"It has been a bit since I shared my first piece of art related to the current racial justice issues going on in the world, particularly in the US. My mind and heart have been a whirl the last month or so. Constantly. God has put SO MUCH on my heart. I have been praying, "what do YOU want me to do with it all?" There is so much brokenness, misunderstanding, shaming, guilt, hate, good intentions, confusion, hurt, slogan slinging, oppression, what can I say or do to shine any light into the dark?

The Gospel. The good news that is Jesus, my savior. The Living Word of God. That is what I have. That is all I have. Praise the Lord for that.

I know, it gets a bad wrap. The bible. Christians. The message of Jesus. but my heart yearns to say "there is so much more! So much good. The ultimate good!" Please give me chance to share more with you.

My heart has been yearning for reconciliation. It also yearns to crawl into a cave and hide from all the hurt and problems of the world. My heart yearns to show the love of Christ to those who have seen hate and judgement instead. It also shy's away from being misunderstood or judged. My heart yearns to say, "while we will not agree about many things in life, we can find a path to honor one another, respect one another, even love one another." Then it wants to hide from the discomfort and conflict that comes from the trial and error that comes with truly living life together. It won't be easy. It won't always be fair, it won't always feel good and it won't be quick. But God said I can't hide. It is not what he called me to do.

So I made these stickers. Which have been sitting in my office for over a month as my heart wages a war inside me on how to speak with wisdom and love and the gospel. What they are for is a symbol of the reconciliation my heart is longing for. A reminder. We choose so many different things to base our identity in; Our past, our race, our ethnic background, our sexual orientation, our financial success and status. We treat each other well or poorly based on our defensiveness of that identity, how we perceive people accept or reject that part of ourselves that is most important to us. I want to tell you, before any of those other things, you, EVERY ONE OF YOU is an image bearer of God. Without you the picture is incomplete. That fact alone should dictate how I treat you. I want you to know you are seen and loved by the creator of the universe. I want you to know you are not a mistake. I want to know your story. I want to remember that even if in the end of it all, we don't agree on everything, I will learn to honor you as an Image bearer of God. Full stop."