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Stack O' Cats

Stack O' Cats ROCKED Kickstarter!!

You can see the project details here:


Now that we have completed all of our pledges we are looking to market and sell our game to the general public! We have received great feedback from our backers and are working to find a better printing company and better game box. I tried my darndest to find someone to manufacture my pieces to spec and no one will take the challenge of creating 3/8" wooden cats. Go figure, only we are crazy enough!

We will continue to release a few small runs of the game with its original packing until we decide on the upgraded design. The one complaint we received from only a handful of backers (out of over 250 backers!) is about the burn pattern on the back of the cats. We run all the pieces ourselves, in house, on a laser CNC. This results in a honeycomb burn pattern on the back of the cats. IF we went down to 1/4" wood we could reduce this but then our game wouldn't work! After much testing we found 3/8" is the right thickness for optimal game play. I researched getting the game pieces made out of house, but as I mentioned no one will take the project because you can't avoid the burn or the become "projectiles" when trying to cut with a traditional router CNC. LOL. Those were the manufacturer's words, not mine.


Welcome to Stack O'Cats, a game for patient paws and cat-like composure

The idea for Stack O'Cats came about during the beginning of quarantine. I run a small business from home called North to South Designs. I specialize in making geeky and punny gifts with a laser CNC. My business, like many other small businesses, took a HUGE hit because of COVID. Rather then throwing in the towel for a few months, I began making free kits for kids whose parents were struggling financially. I gave away over 250+ crafty and geeky box sets! Most of the crafts were for kids to play with  individually and I really wanted to make something for families to do together. Thus Stack O' Cats was born. What started as a brown paper bag of cat silhouettes and a base has now developed into the game you see here! I'm so excited to share it with you all and I hope you love it.

Where is it made?

Stack O'Cats is produced in our little home studio in Brenham, Texas. I make the game pieces and base with my laser CNC. These are not mass produced out of house! The boxes are printed, as well as the instruction sheets. Then each and every game is put together packaged by yours truly or my partner-in-crime, Trevor! By supporting this game, you are making our dream of running a small creative business come true!

Full Instructions: Included with each game