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Saoirse, the Dragonborn RangerMore unique wooden dice boxes, dice potion vials, dice trays and dice sets are COMING SOON!!

It all began in a monastery, hidden not far from the shire.....

OK, actually, it all began with 4 friends in a pub, summer of 2021.
I was introduced to D&D by some new friends and the rest is being written!
Me and my dragonborn ranger, Saoirse and her trusty owlbear, Owlbie, are still just getting to know one another, but it is already a grand adventure!

And because friends don’t let friends take campaign notes on scrap paper when
said friends own lasers.....nor store their precious dice in cheap tin containers, my RPG
accessories line was born!

While small, we are mighty! You won't find our unique designs elsewhere, especially not that place they call "The Amazon". Crazy Jungle. We are a small business and strive to support other small businesses! We sell wholesale, but only to independent business owners, whether brick and mortar or online.

This is only the beginning my friends, only the beginning! Venture back our way soon, to find exciting new products, especially manufactured for our little brand.